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Summon (Succubus Kiss Book 4)

Summon (Succubus Kiss Book 4)

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The clock is ticking...

The wraith continues to tease the strings of Kenna's self-control, feeding his own sick desires with her inner turmoil. Randal's disappearance haunts her. And magic lurks around every corner, threatening to weave a tighter web of secrets and lies around her.

It isn't until a new spell is revealed that Kenna feels a glimmer of hope. If all goes well, she might become the hero of her own dark fairy tale...

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A white-hot sensation traveled through my body as quick as a lightning strike. It was gone before I could utter a single cry of discomfort. Something was happening to me. Excitement and fear merged within me, mutating into something I couldn’t name but enjoyed feeling all the same. 

Soon I would be free from the wraith.

I marveled at this thought, basked in its colorful bliss. Everything about it called to me, making my insides hum with pleasure unlike anything I had felt before. There was so much hope, so much promise, in the tiny thought.

Pain sliced through me.

Something yanked and pulled inside of me, twisting in a new direction, as it attempted to separate from me. My insides screamed in agony, but I couldn’t push any of the cries past my lips because they were still sealed shut.

Another blinding bolt of pain hit me. Bile rose up my throat. I wasn’t sure if I would vomit or pass out; the pain was so intense. Darkness feathered the edges of my vision. I welcomed it, knowing once it submerged me I would no longer feel.

My mind hiccupped with the reality of the thought, causing terror to spiral through me, because the darkness also meant that I was dying.


The wrought iron gate in front of me had seen better days. It was bent and weathered from time spent in the elements. Directly behind it stood a crumpled building, looking just as pitiful. Vines and overgrown bushes seemed to be forcing it back to the Earth, reclaiming the area it had been built upon. A warm breeze caressed my skin as I stared at the ramshackle of a building.

I pulled my cell from my clutch and glanced over the text from Luke, making sure I had the address right. 2271 West Ashton. This was it, or at least it was supposed to be. Club Lure couldn’t be inside the dilapidated old building in front of me. Could it? Where was the line of people snaked around the front, waiting to get in? Where were the bouncers posted at the entrance keeping order? There was nothing here.

Alarm nipped at my insides as voices made their way to my ears, stemming from behind the building. My feet rooted in place. I wasn’t sure what I should do. Walk away? Ask whoever it was if they had heard of Club Lure? More of their conversation made its way to me, but I couldn’t make out any of the words. Were they security guards patrolling? Why would anyone waste his or her time patrolling this place? Maybe I was missing something.

Two guys stepped into my line of vision. My heart picked up its pace as I stared at them. I took in their gray auras and felt myself relax. While I wasn’t sure if they were incubi or some sort of other demon, I at least knew they were supernaturals, which gave me hope that I was in the right place after all.

“Did you see the blonde with the hellacious rack?” the shorter of the two guys asked the other as they continued through the overgrown weeds of the lot. They had yet to spot me. “Good God, they were perfect!”

“Oh yeah. I wanted to squeeze ’em and then press my face right between ’em.” The taller one acted out everything he’d said, causing a snort to spur from me.

The shorter guy paused, finally having noticed me. His bald head shone in the pale moonlight, but that wasn’t what caught my attention. I focused on their auras now that they were closer, hoping to get a clearer grasp on what they were. Why were succubi the only demons with a telltale aura color? It would be a hell of a lot easier to distinguish the different types if they came in a variety of aura colors like the rest of us.

“Well, look what we have here, Hyde.” Baldie made a sucking noise as though he had something caught between his teeth and was struggling to get it out.

“What a sweet lookin’ thang,” Hyde muttered. “Think she’s come here to play, Lyle?”

Lyle smoothed his stubby little hands down the front of his suit as he appraised me with beady eyes. “A guy can hope.” He grinned like a Cheshire cat, making my stomach turn. “Is there something we can help you with, little lady?”

I shook off the way they were eyeballing me as though I were a piece of meat and squared my shoulders. I was a succubus for crying out loud, one who had been infected by a wraith, and nothing should frighten me. I replayed what they had said, picking their words apart. They thought I was here to play. Obviously, I was in the right place. Maybe Club Lure was beneath the dilapidated building.

“I’m looking for Club Lure,” I spoke clearly, continuing to ignore their roaming eyes. “Am I in the right place?”

Lyle locked eyes with me once they reached the gate. There was something odd swirling in their depths, something vile. Hyde gripped the rusty bars in front of him, a secretive smile twisting his lips. Each of their stares made me feel violated.

“What makes you think this is the right place?” Hyde asked.

I flung my dark hair over my shoulder, reminding myself to appear strong. These two seemed as though they enjoyed preying on weak women. “Because a friend gave me this address.”

“A succubus who doesn’t know where Club Lure is.” Lyle smirked and then nudged Hyde with his elbow. “I thought it was integrated in their DNA with the way they flock to the place.”

Hyde chuckled. It was wheezy, and grated on my nerves.

Irritation spiked through me the longer it went on. I didn’t have time for games. My life was on the line. If they knew I was in the right place, why couldn’t they tell me instead of screwing around? “Is this the right place or not?”

“Did your friend forget to mention the code word?” Hyde ran his hands through his greasy hair, slicking it back against his scalp.

Code word? Luke had mentioned something, but I couldn’t remember what. He’d never said it was a code word, but I assumed there had to be some significance.

The word rested on the tip of my tongue, just out of reach. When I finally latched onto it, the word pushed past my lips with a force that shocked me. “Origin…”

The air vibrated around me as though the word held power embedded within it. My eyes focused on the iron gate in front of me. Tiny, visible waves of air moved against the rusted bars, causing them to bend and sway. I watched as they became distorted.

“That’s the one, sweetheart,” Lyle breathed. My gaze snapped to him the second he spoke. His eyes glittered in the moonlight as his lips formed a wide, excited grin. “Welcome to Club Lure.” He extended a hand, as though motioning for me to look around.

The building behind him was dancing with the same distorted motion the iron bars were. Even the tall grass and overgrown shrubbery rippled like rolling water. What type of magic was this?

A structure made entirely of solid black material similar to coal stood where the rundown brick building had seconds earlier. I marveled at the strange skyscraper, soaking in all the details. The windows were tall and narrow, large enough for a grown adult to stand in, which was exactly what I saw.

Standing inside each window was a person wearing minimal clothing and dancing erotically. A guy dressed in black leather chaps and a dog collar dancing in the window closest to the ground captured my attention. I didn’t have to see his aura to know it would be the gray of a demon’s. I also didn’t have to wonder what breed he was. He oozed sex from his movements as well as his eyes. He was undoubtedly an incubus. Satisfaction zipped through me. It was the first time I had ever been able to peg a gray aura for what it was without much effort.

“What do you think?” Hyde had moved to stand beside me, and was gazing up at the building in awe. “Is it everything you envisioned?”

I swallowed hard, unsure of how to answer him. “Yes and no.”

“Great answer.” Lyle laughed.

The deep red sign pulsating with life above the entrance caught my attention. Unexpectedly, the lustful, shameless energies coursing around the building found their way to me. I could feel them caressing against my skin, luring me to step forward with their sweet whispers of seduction and tantalizing taste of desire throbbing through the air. I wanted to look away, to head back to my car and forget I had ever ventured to this place, because the strength of the sensations had me wondering if I would be able to control myself once I stepped inside.

Explore, sweet succubus, the wraith coaxed.

My feet moved forward at his words. Music, stemming from inside, wrapped around me like arms, tugging me toward the temptation of Club Lure.

The wraith wiggled and moved around inside me the closer to the entrance I came, as though he was excited by the promise of a sinful night. My eyes zeroed in on the doors. There were no bouncers with clipboards waiting to judge whether those seeking entrance were worthy. I got the impression the club decided who entered, and I had no doubt it had deemed me worthy. I could feel it in my bones.

“And she’s hooked,” Hyde muttered from behind me.

Lyle chuckled. “Remember your first time here?”

“If only it felt like that every time,” Hyde responded.

Their conversation faded into the background as the music—hypnotic and sweet—wrapped me even tighter in its embrace. My eyes closed at the feel of it vibrating through me.

This place felt like home. It was the only way to describe the sensations spiraling through me.

Warmth tingled across my skin the closer to the entrance I came. It seemed to stem from inside the club. Briefly, I wondered if it was another thing the club exuded to lure us all in. My fingers trembled as I gripped the handle. The moment I made contact with the cool metal, my entire body heated and any tension lingering in my muscles melted away. With a swift tug, the door pulled open for me, exposing my senses to the world inside Club Lure.

The clock is ticking...

The wraith continues to tease the strings of Kenna's self-control, feeding his own sick desires with her inner turmoil. Randal's disappearance haunts her. And magic lurks around every corner, threatening to weave a tighter web of secrets and lies around her.

Main Tropes

  • Succubus With A Conscience
  • Race Against Time
  • Suspenseful
  • Dating The Inspiration For Dracula

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