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Scorned (Marked Duology Book 3)

Scorned (Marked Duology Book 3)

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Shelby Killin may have lost the Ordeal to Tessa Morganton, a half-blood werewolf, but she’s never been one to go down without a fight. She’s determined to reclaim her rightful place next to the new Alpha of the pack.

No risk is too much, even if that means begging the most powerful witch in New Orleans to assist her.

Jace and Tessa have no idea what’s in store for them, and that’s the way Shelby would like to keep it. Both of them are about to learn a woman scorned is a dangerous creature to cross.

Scorned is a Marked Duology Novella, which takes place AFTER Changed.

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It is said there are three main emotions: Love, hate, and fear. Some people proclaim it’s from these three emotions all others stem. Their reasoning is they are the most crippling emotions to a person’s soul. They hold the power to conquer a person, to make them do things they normally wouldn’t, and to break them into a million tiny pieces. 

While each of these emotions have touched me at some point in my life, I think those who coined the three as a person’s main emotions forgot to add one into the mix:


To some, anger and hate might seem similar, but I’ve felt them both enough to know the difference. Anger is linked to rage and blind furies. Hate is linked to disgust and revulsion. Anger is more powerful and destructive than hate. 

Anger can make a person do things they normally wouldn’t. It can also conquer a person, and break them into a million tiny pieces if they let it. Whoever sliced emotions into three categories was wrong. They should have created four, because anger is deserving to be in a category all its own.

Since the Ordeal, anger has been my driving force. In fact, I thought it was the only emotion I was capable of feeling, until I saw Jace and Tessa together.

Whoever came up with the names for each emotion needs to create one more so I have a label for what I’m feeling—a mixture between love, hate, fear, and anger. Labeling might help me cope, but then again it might not. There may be nothing to help me cope with the way things have turned out.


My right eye twitched as I stared at Jace standing beneath the large white archway. He looked handsome dressed in his solid white tuxedo with his hair perfectly sculpted and a smile on his face. The sexy smirk I loved so much twisted at his lips. My muscles tensed as the reality of the situation wormed its way through my mind. In seconds my blood was boiling because I knew his smile wasn’t meant for me. It was meant for her. I could feel her presence, but I had yet to glance at her. Instead, I watched Jace. His eyes were glued to her as she sashayed her narrow hips toward him. There was a meekness about her that irked me. Jace needed someone strong willed, someone fierce in all aspects, someone who challenged him. Jace needed me. He didn’t need a tame kitten; he needed a freaking tiger.

My teeth ground together. This was a nightmare. I felt like a wild animal trapped inside a tiny cage, thrashing and howling to be let free. The cage was my own skin though, making it utterly inescapable. Why were they making me go through with this? Wasn’t it bad enough I’d been disgraced by Jace when he renounced me? Or how about when I was forced to go up against Tessa in the Ordeal and lost? Now I had to bear witness to their eternal love

Where was a shotgun when I needed one?

My eyes narrowed on Jace. I watched as he leaned toward Tessa and whispered something to her. I couldn’t make out the words, but from the blush that spread across her cheeks I assumed it was something sickeningly sweet in regards to the way she looked. I shifted my gaze, unable to stomach the sight of them together any longer. Unfortunately, it landed on my mom. Her normally soft and beautiful features were hardened. Her lips had pressed together into a thin line, and she appeared as disgusted by the sight of them together as I was.

“That should have been you.” She hissed in a whisper when she noticed my gaze directed her way. Her sharp tone surprised me, even though it shouldn’t. I knew she’d say something to that effect, I just wasn’t sure when. My cheeks burned from her tone.  

I stepped forward with the pack to surround Tessa and Jace like I was supposed to. My gaze skimmed my mother’s profile as I moved. I knew she was pissed—heck, I was too—but I hadn’t realized her anger would be directed my way when it should have been directed at Jace. He was the one who’d screwed up a betrothal in place since before we were born. He was the one who’d chosen some half-blood over me.

A biting remark rested on the tip of my tongue, but I swallowed it. I clinched my fists at my sides while gritting my teeth together to keep it at bay. Now wasn’t the time. It would only start a fight. I’d been humiliated enough today. I didn’t need to add a public argument with my mother to the list.

Tessa’s gaze drifted from Jace for the first time. I caught her stare and held it, letting the unwavering venom I felt toward her shine through until she severed our eye-contact. Unease rippled around her, causing a slight sensation of victory to snake its way through me. The sensation of eyes on me had the hairs along the back of my neck standing on end. Jocelyn and Avery were judging my facial expression; they were trying to determine how I felt. I inhaled a deep breath as I smoothed my facial features into a neutral expression, realizing they may not be the only ones. Now was not a time to show weakness, anger, or resentment. It was a time to appear strong. 

While I hated not being able to show what I felt, I’d become a pro at hiding my emotions a long time ago. I slowly let out the breath I’d been holding and felt my features relax. I would walk away from this night appearing unfazed in everyone’s eyes even if it killed me. My gaze shifted back to Tessa, and I was once again aware of how challenging that would be.

Nicholas cleared his throat, garnering my attention as well as everyone else’s, and the Binding Ceremony began. I zoned out, unable to focus on the words being said. Tessa wasn’t supposed to be the one saying them—I was. Where had I gone wrong during the Ordeal?  Maybe my mother had been right. Maybe I’d been too absorbed by the thrill of being able to rip into Tessa instead of thinking through the situation and the cost. My control had slipped, and I’d lost the man of my dreams because of it.

I should have been more relentless, more lethal. If I had, then I would be the one standing beside Jace where I belonged. And as for Tessa, well she would be… dead.

My heart pounded faster. She should be dead. Tessa shouldn’t be standing beside Jace. I had my moment to take her out for good, and I’d let it slip through my fingers. I’d let a half-blood beat me. Suddenly, I was disgusted with myself. Nicolas pulled out the ceremonial dagger and my entire world tilted on its axis. My breaths grew labored as I struggled to gain control over myself. I only needed to hold it together until I made it home, then I could let go.

“Each of you hold a hand out, palm facing upward,” he demanded.

My gaze drifted to their hands. I watched as the knife sliced into their palms. The second they were pressed together, defeat echoed through my soul. It was over. Jace was gone and I could never get him back.

“Palm to palm, blood to blood, heart to heart…they are united as one.” Nicolas shouted with authority. The power in his voice crackled through the air. It was like a slap in the face.

“United!” the entire pack shouted in reply. 

I stared at the two of them. Jace and Tessa were now mated for life. The only way the bond between them could be broken was if one of them died.  

Sickness crawled through me and anger lapped up my throat as I watched them kiss.

“This isn’t over yet, Shelby. Don’t you worry, honey. You’ll have your place beside an Alpha.” My mother whispered. “You just watch.”

I ripped my eyes away from the lovebirds and glanced at her. She was staring straight ahead with an oddly accepting look reflected in her eyes. I wasn’t sure how her voice could harbor all the emotions I felt, while her face portrayed something entirely different. My mother was a master of deceit. When her gaze shifted to me, I could see the vixen she was shine through her eyes. The sight had my lips twisting into a smile. I knew I would make it through this and come out on top. My mother would see to it. I had all the faith in the world in that woman.

Straightening my back, I tipped my chin up. Determination pulsed through me. I would have my place beside an Alpha—no matter what it took. I dropped to my knees and bowed down with the rest of the pack, as Jace accepted his birth rite and my insides cringed. I hated bowing to someone who had cast me away like trash, but it was pack law and I had to obey. For now.

“Rise.” Jace commanded. 

Shivers ran along my spine from the authority in his voice. I’d never heard him sound so dominating before. I liked it. I liked it a lot. My eyes skimmed over him. There was something new reflected in the amber color of his eyes, something I myself had craved a time or two—power. I licked my lips as I felt the lingering vibrations of it continue to course through me.

Jace gripped Tessa’s hand and spun her to face us all. “I stand before you, with my chosen mate at my side, as your new Pack Leader.” He said.

His words were like a dagger to my already fragile heart. His chosen mate should have been me. 

“Stop staring at her like you want to kill her.” My mother scolded. “Place a smile on your face.”

I forced my lips into a smile as I realized I did want to kill Tessa. Desperately. My mind wandered with all the possibilities of doing so and what it would mean for me. Music sounded from across the pond, breaking up my thoughts.

“Pop the champagne, already, let’s get this party goin’!” Gavin shouted from across the pond. Laughter erupted around me, but I couldn’t bring myself to join in. 

Vivian, Jace’s mother, spun to face me. “You’ll have your chance, dear.”

My eyes darted behind her, finding her son’s glowing face.  “I know.” 

I would still have her son as my own.

Jace was mine. He always had been and always would be. Tessa needed to die, that was all there was to it. 

I followed the rest of the pack to the other side of the pond where the reception was being held as ideas of how I could make this thought of mine a reality filled my mind. A long table with flutes of champagne caught my attention. I headed straight for it without hesitation. After downing one, I reached for another before Jolene and Avery found me.

“Go sit somewhere. Do not remain standing beside the champagne table sulking. Chin up.  Back straight. Move.” My mother hissed as she grabbed a glass of champagne for herself. 

I did as I was told, scanning the area for Jolene and Avery. They were sitting at a far end table, away from the majority of the Jace and Tessa supporters.

“Hey, there you are!” Avery tossed her long red hair over her shoulder as I neared them.

“How are you holding up?” Jolene asked once I’d settled into a seat across from her. Her dark eyes reflected concern I found embarrassing. No one needed to be concerned for me. 

“Me?” I pressed my palm against my chest and sneered at her question. “I’m fine.”

I would be, because Tessa wasn’t going to have Jace for long. I’d already decided as much. Now, I only needed to figure out a way to make it happen.


After three glasses of champagne I realized it wasn’t as hard to look at Jace and Tessa together. In fact, I imagined it would only become easier the more alcohol I consumed. Feeling flushed from what swam through my veins already, I made my way to the table for another glass.

“Last one.” My mother snapped as she reached for another glass for herself. “We don’t need you causing a scene while you’re inebriated.” 

“Yes, Mother.” I muttered under my breath as I started back toward Avery and Jolene.

“Just look at them. God, could they be anymore all over each other?” Avery insisted as I situated myself in the seat beside her. Disgust dripped from her words.

I glanced over my shoulder toward Jace and Tessa. They were wrapped in each other’s arms, staring into one another’s eyes. It was nauseating to witness.

“Hello, ladies.” Gavin appeared with a devilish grin stretched on his face. His eyes seemed fixated on me. “Having a good time tonight, Shelby?”

“I’ve had better.” I raised my glass to my lips. There was no point in lying, everyone knew it was the truth. 

“Anything I can do to help remedy that?” He wagged his eyebrows in a suggestive way, one that piqued my interest.

“Maybe.” I licked my lips. 

Jolene and Avery giggled as I sauntered toward him. I noticed the way his emerald eyes widened at the sway I placed in my hips when I walked. There was a fine line between seductive and trashy when shaking your ass while walking. Mother had drilled the difference into me when I was sixteen, which meant I knew what I was doing when it came to seducing someone with my walk. Gavin was easy. I’d noticed the way he looked at me over the years. He wanted me. It had always been reflected in his eyes, and until tonight I’d been virtually untouchable to him. 

Somewhat, anyway.

I’d always liked Gavin. In fact, there were many times when I’d found him more attractive than Jace growing up. It was a shame we’d never done anything besides secretly kiss a handful of times. Maybe it was time that changed, though. I could use a distraction, and Gavin seemed like the perfect choice. There was something about his sexy green eyes mixed with his black hair and the sweet little dimple in his left cheek I found myself unable to resist tonight. Maybe it was the alcohol or maybe it was the crazed place my emotions were rooted. Whatever the reason, I was in the mood for a release, and Gavin seemed to be willing to help in any way possible.

“What are you doing?” He asked as I gripped the front of his shirt.

 A dangerous grin twisted my lips. I tugged him toward the woods behind us. “Something you’ve always wanted.”

“I can get down with that.” His tone was heated, the insinuation of what I wanted from him sparked the desire he’d always harbored for me to life. The air between us charged with it. “How far back are we going?” he asked as we slipped further into the thick woods.

“Just a little farther.” I insisted, enjoying the feel of his hands on me more than I should as they skimmed across my hips while I pulled him along.

Once I felt as though we were far enough away from the pack, I spun to face him and wasted no time talking. My champagne flute fell to the frozen ground as I gave into my craving for physical contact. I needed to clear my thoughts and wipe away my emotions. I needed Gavin to make me forget this night. 

He was Jace’s best friend, which meant he was as close to being with Jace as I could be tonight. Tingles of pleasure rippled through me as I allowed myself to become lost in his touch and lustful kisses.

Shelby Killin may have lost the Ordeal to Tessa Morganton, a half-blood werewolf, but she’s never been one to go down without a fight. She’s determined to reclaim her rightful place next to the new Alpha of the pack.

No risk is too much, even if that means begging the most powerful witch in New Orleans to assist her.

Main Tropes

  • Small-Town
  • Wolf Shifters
  • Woman Scorned
  • Villain Story
  • Suspenseful
  • Paranormal Romance

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