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Savor (Succubus Kiss Book 2)

Savor (Succubus Kiss Book 2)

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Her control is slipping...

Kenna must fight to keep a firm hold on her succubus nature, if not she runs the risk of having the wraith take over completely.

Following the only clue she's been given, she opts to track down an infamous club owner hoping for help. Unfortunately, he doesn't have the power to help her. His twin sister does.

Too bad she relinquished magic five years ago and went into hiding.

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A red light throbbed in sync with my erratic heartbeat as coldness crept along my skin, chilling me to the bone. My hands instinctively wrapped around myself for warmth. It was then I realized I wasn’t wearing any clothes.

Not only was I naked, but I was standing in an empty room with black painted walls. The only light was that of the pulsating deep red one, which lit the room every few seconds.

Fog rolled around me, stemming from everywhere all at once. A sharp hiss of air left my lungs the moment its iciness touched my exposed skin. On impulse I took a step back, hoping to put distance between the sudden wisps of cold and myself. The movement was foolish though, because the fog was everywhere now. It pressed against me from all sides, causing my teeth to chatter as I searched the room for a way out. There were no windows. No doors. Nothing.

I was trapped.

I extended my arm until my fingertips brushed the wall closest to me. It seemed to be made of concrete, cold and solid. The fog skimmed along the tops of my feet, its coldness sinking straight to my bones. Goose bumps prickled across my skin as movement on my left caught my attention. There was someone cast entirely in shadows leaning against the far wall. I fixated on it, watching as he began to move toward me, slowly at first and then with faster footfalls and more purpose. Either my vision had become distorted, or else the red light still pulsating in sync with my heartbeat had skewed what I was seeing completely. What was in front of me couldn’t be real.

As the dark shadow person moved closer, I noticed the flickering red light didn’t illuminate it the way it should. My muscles tensed.

“Hello?” I called out, my voice shaky and hoarse.

The fog that seemed to float through the air around me—grazing my shoulder and legs as though it were caressing me with its cold touch—stilled as the shadow approached. Fear constricted my chest. There was absolutely no place for me to go as it continued forward. The moment the phantom figure passed through the fog, the wisps seemed to cling to its legs, wrapping around them as though it couldn’t get close enough. I watched, mystified and trembling with fear. Without warning, the shadow paused a few feet from me. I looked on, transfixed, as it lifted an arm to point at me.

I pressed my body against the wall behind me. The pulsating red lights picked up pace, making the room feel as though it were a gruesome addition to a Halloween-themed amusement park.

The shadow propelled forward once more. This time its movements appeared slow and fluid, as though it enjoyed toying with me. My eyes darted around, searching for any place to hide. There was nothing. I inched my way to the right out of pure instinct.

My eyes stayed focused on the figure as it continued its torturously slow pursuit of me. As my gaze shifted over it, I attempted to distinguish whether it was a man or woman without having much luck.


That was all that remained between the figure and me now. My small movements along the walls were getting me nowhere. I froze, accepting the truth of my thought.

“What do you want?”My words, barely above a whisper, swirled through the air on wisps of my cold breath.

The phantom shadow’s hand reached out and grazed my cheek. My eyes closed instinctively as my head turned to the side. Its touch was like ice. As it stroked my face in a somewhat loving manner, a whimper escaped me. Abruptly, the figure pulled away. I opened my eyes to see why and realized it was staring at me as though the sound had startled it. While I couldn’t make out any eyes, or even eye sockets, I knew that was what it was doing, because I could feel its intense gaze on me.

Without warning, the shadow reached out and skimmed its fingertips over my collarbone before dipping down to the smooth skin between my breasts, pausing in the center. Its frozen touch seeped through me, heading straight for my heart. A pang of panic pierced my mind. Was it trying to freeze my heart? I flinched from the coldness as it pressed its entire palm flat against my chest. My back arched against the wall as a crippling pain built where my heart thundered and then radiated outward.

After a few seconds, a mouth formed on the face of the shadow. It opened and closed, as though my pain, my fear, was giving it the strength it needed to speak. When its other hand lifted to clasp my bare hip, I unwillingly gave it what it wanted as another whimper fell from my mouth from the icy sting of its touch.

“Make no mistake, sweet succubus.” The voice vibrated through me, strong and rough, instantly letting me know it was a man. “You are mine now.”

I woke with a start, bolting upright in bed and gasping for air. My heart palpitated in my throat as I blinked away the lingering stabs of panic. Coldness had snaked its way around my heart, causing my alarm to intensify.

“It was just a dream.” I pulled my legs to my chest and wrapped my arms around them. “It was just a dream,” I repeated, wishing the entire thing hadn’t felt so damn real.

The frigidness of the wraith I had been infected with squeezed my heart and stroked against my insides. I closed my eyes, knowing exactly what it was doing. It was sending me a message, letting me know that my nightmare was more real than I probably cared to admit.

Squeezing my knees to my chest tighter, I rocked back and forth. Was this what it would be like each time I fell asleep? While I slept, was I somehow linked to the thing? Was it possible that he was slowly killing me in my dreams? Was that how this all worked?

Tears trickled down my cheeks as more questions and not enough answers crippled my mind. The sound of my heartbeat thrashed in my ears. My vision faded in and out, until a piece of cream-colored paper at the foot of my bed caught my attention. I scrambled for it, thankful this part of last night hadn’t been a dream. My mother had been here. She had given me an answer, or at the very least, a possible way to get help.

I plucked the card up and glared at it, wishing there was more written on it. My mother had always been famous for her cryptic letters.

Love Potion #9

Luke Bloom

I ran my thumb over the curly letters written in her handwriting and signature red ink. The image of the blond guy with piercing blue eyes and a panty-dropping smile moved front and center in my mind. I thought of all I had learned last night about Luke and Love Potion #9. Even though I couldn’t see his aura color in the images I had viewed of him online, that didn’t stop me from coming to the conclusion he was a witch as quickly as if I had. Love Potion #9 was the only witch nightclub within the city; it was common supernatural knowledge.

Leaning toward my nightstand, I reached for my cell. The desire to learn as much as I could about Luke and Love Potion #9 rippled through me, becoming all I could think about. When I typed his name into my search engine again, the same picture of him I had seen before popped up. I stared at it, taking in every detail about him and committing it to memory. As I scrolled through a few more images of him and his club, I realized that he was a heartbreaker and that his club was a little erotic.

Call me prudish, but I wasn’t sure how I felt about either.


Her control is slipping...

Kenna must fight to keep a firm hold on her succubus nature, if not she runs the risk of having the wraith take over completely.

Following the only clue she's been given, she opts to track down an infamous club owner hoping for help. Unfortunately, he doesn't have the power to help her. His twin sister does.

Main Tropes

  • Succubus With A Conscience
  • Race Against Time
  • Suspenseful
  • Dating The Inspiration For Dracula

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